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Ocugine Features

Analytics & Marketing

Track user behavior in real time and analyze metrics with machine learning. Bring users to the sale in automatic mode.

With our analytics mode you can track any event or all user action in the game. You can use our analytics on any platform and get all datas about your users with targeting.

Integration time: < 2h

Backend Constructor

Build your application backend easly with Ocugine Cloud. Create databases and server-side logic, use any ready-to-use modules in the Ocugine Dashboard and integrate via our SDK or Direct API.

Our technical infrastructure builded on powerful cloud servers with advanced caching and proxies. Our ecosystem has 99% uptime for your games.

Integration time: < 3d

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

Use our scalable multiplayer tools for your games. Our tools includes: load ballancer, cache server, anti-cheat, matchmaking, compression, queue and other ready-to-use modules. Build multiplayer with powerful SDK or Direct API by few code lines.

You can use our secured, scalable and stable ecosystem with support from Ocugine Team. We support dedicated servers or peer-to-peer gaming for your games.

Integration time: < 5d

Unified SDK for Third-Party Services

Use our Unified SDK for every platform to integrate Ocugine Services and Third-Party Services (like Google Play Services, Facebook SDK and etc) with your game. With this approach, you can reduce the size of the application and the load on the RAM by using one solution instead of dozens of others.

Integration time: < 1h

Game Optimization

Optimize your games with cloud computing. Reduce the load on RAM, CPU, and GPU using computations on a powerful distributed network. At the same time, our servers cache the result of calculations and compress the data to reduce the response, in contrast to the new generation streaming platforms.

Integration time: < 10d

Cloud Build & Testing

Collect and test applications on real devices in the cloud network of our platform. Simply upload a project to bake light, build a project, and publish to stores on all available platforms by few clicks.

Integration time: < 4h

User Management & Support

Connect ready-made authorization modules, storing user data in accordance with the legislation, management and grouping for further targeting of players. Our system already has built-in protection, cross-platform cloud storage for user data and socialization and communication modules.

You also simplify user support by shifting some of the work to our team. All that is connected with questions about the functions of the functions within the platform and their problems, is redirected to our round-the-clock technical support. For other purposes, we have ready-made modules of the ticket support system.

Integration time: < 5h

Game Publishing & Markets Featuring

Find a publisher for your game in just a few clicks. Place information about your project in the Ocugine control panel and send an application to the publishers you are interested in. There you can explore all the conditions of publication, enter new markets, or pick up exclusive offers from our partners.

Our partners are also ready to provide you with promotion in stores such as Google Play, Mi Store, XBox Live Store and Nintendo Store through the featured featured homepage. You can send a request and place your game right from the Ocugine control panel.

Exclusive Contracts

Cross-Play Services

Organize data transfer between platforms for cloud storage of your users or create cross-platform multiplayer using Ocugine services. You do not have to do anything for this - we already have dozens of ready-made modules in a single ecosystem.

Integration time: < 1h

Outsource Platform in the Dashboard

Find artists to work on your projects. On our platform, you can also quickly and safely order graphics, 3D models, character dubbing, soundtrack creation, sound design, or find programmers to implement your ideas from third-party developers. Just look, compare prices, send a technical task and pay for the work after its evaluation by a partner company. Your money will be safe until you get the results.

Secured Contracts

Promotion of games

We have tools for comparing the effectiveness of games, optimizing the description in the marketplace and getting recommendations for the application.

Also on our platform you can order the promotion of your games on special conditions through our trusted partners.

Exclusive Contracts

Other Services

The Ocugine platform is constantly evolving and improving. Already, we have dozens of services, among which there is also remote configuration and implementation of localizations, connection of payment systems and many other modules.

Integration time: < 1h

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