What is Ocugine Services?

Ocugine Services - it's a full-featured cloud-based ecosystem for developers of mobile applications, games and websites that will help increase user retention, as well as reduce development time by 20-40%.


How do Ocugine services work?

You connect to the Ocugine platform, integrate the necessary services via API or ready-to-use plug-ins and start working. Instead of connecting each service separately or writing from scratch, use dozens of ready-made solutions from Ocugine.


What services does Ocugine include?

Ocugine Services includes the following tools: analytics with custom metrics, customer user research and recommendations for improving the project based on machine learning, monetization, cloud preservation, backend-builder, unified authorization system, cross-play, achievements, cloud databases, traffic exchange, ASO-optimizer, DRM-protection and other tools most useful in development.


What are the benefits for my business?

With Ocugine services, you shorten the production cycle, increase the conversion of users and their retention within a mobile application or game, and you can use machine learning to adjust the efficiency of the application and increase the percentage of paying users.


Ocugine Early Access Program

Submit to join Ocugine services and get a 20% discount for the whole year after the end of your trial.