Service Development Philosophy

We have created Ocugine services to make it possible for you to handle large-scale and cool game projects and applications, saving time and resources on implementing the most necessary tasks, as well as assembling your projects.

Our goal is to reduce the time of development and implementation of services and to improve their management so that you can collect easly all necessary information about users. We offer a whole range of ready-to-use services that comply with all user security and privacy policies. Ocugine - is a modern, unified ecosystem and a platform for development of your games, mobile applications or websites.

About Ocugine Services for mobile apps and game development

Available Platforms

Average integration time (min)

Integration services

The time you would have spent writing from scratch (days)


Modern opportunities for you.

Connect analytics, explore user behavior with machine learning, monitor transactions, implement cheat protection, manage users, make your games or applications more social, functional and reliable with Ocugine services.



Integration Proccess

Integration of all Ocugine services is carried out by connecting a plugin or API requests to your project in just a few simple steps. Start working with dozens of services and integrate analytics, user zone, cross-play and many other features just in a day.


Create your Ocugine account in a few minutes, connect two-factor authentication for more security and create your first project in the Ocugine control panel. It's easy and won't take you more than 10 minutes.


Select the necessary integration capabilities for your product and install the plugin, or connect the services via the API to your project. Set up everything you need for your project to work.


Build the project (manually or with the help of Ocugine Cloud-Build) and publish it in the market place - now your application is ready to receive profit and increase user retention through our services.

Analyze and Optimize

See which functions are used most often by your users, bring them to the purchase of the internal elements of the application (IAP) using smart sales system, or analyze customer actions, and machine learning will tell you how else you can improve the application.

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