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Welcome to the Ocugine - #1 cross-platform backend ecosystem for game developers. Our solution can provide all what you need for game development: backend and multiplayer services, analytics, marketing, user management, cloud-storage, databases, payment gate and other services for your games.

Welcome to the Ocugine Services - Full-featured ecosystem for game developers
Ocugine Cloud Platform for Game Developers

Change your games backend realization with Ocugine.

Create backend services, databases and content delivery systems based on Secure, Fast and Easy-To-Use Ocugine Backend-Builder Services (BaaS).

Visual Backend Builder for Games - Ocugine Services

Visual Builder

Build your backend logic without programming. Create logic nodes, set links to databases, users and other Ocugine services features. Make your backend faster and flexible.

Cloud Databases for Games - Ocugine Services

Databases Editor

Use our scalable databases for your games. Connect with our databases over API / Unified SDK. Unlimited, Scalable and Flexible databases for your games out of the box.

CDN and Updates system for Games - Ocugine Services

Content Delivery

Make your own Content-Delivery system in the Ocugine Cloud. Use our dedicated servers to make updates or content-storage for your games with Unified Ocugine API / SDK.

Remote Configs for Games - Ocugine Services

Remote Configs

Create Remote Configs for your project with Ocugine Services. Change game settings and features in live-mode. Set up remote configs targeting for your users and make A/B tests.

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Smart Marketing and Analytics.

Make your marketing smarter with Ocugine tools. Analytics, Funnels, Events & Conversions, Advertising and Targeting based on Machine Learning. Use a lot of instruments to automatization of your marketing process and increase IAP-revenue with Ocugine.

Powerful Analytics for Games - Ocugine Services


Powerful analytics tools for your application out of the box. Monetization, event based or live-action analytics with Web-Vizor for your games on all platform.

Smart Marketing for Games - Ocugine Services


All marketing tools for your games: funnels, events and conversions, payments, monetization control from all platforms, targeting, promos and other services from Ocugine.

AI Tools for Games and Marketing - Ocugine Services

AI Tools

Analyze user activity with Ocugine Machine Learning and create your automatic personalized promos. Compare your activity with other games or user activity inside your project.

Reporting for Games - Ocugine Services


Deep reporting system for your games: crash and performance, payments and usage reporting with Unified Ocugine API / SDK. Easy games control with Ocugine Reporting.

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Ocugine Analytics and Marketing for Game Developers
Ocugine Services Features for Game Developers

Game Services and Multiplayer.

Build your games faster with ready-to-use multiplayer and other game services with Ocugine. Join all services in one place with lightweight Dashboard and SDK for your games.

Realtime Multiplayer for Games - Ocugine Services

Realtime Multiplayer

Build a cross-platform realtime multiplayer with Cross-Play features for your games. Use all features for MMO-Games: matchmaking, dedicated servers, anti-cheat and other multiplayer services.

Social Services for Games - Ocugine Services

Social Services

Achimenets, Chating, User Accounts, Missions, Teams, Leaderboards and other social game services for your projects. Increase your users retention with Ocugine Services on all available platforms.

Localization Services for Games - Ocugine Services


Create localization for your games. Change localization text in the cloud without application updates. Use Ocugine Unified SDK / API for smart localization caching on all platforms.

Speed Up Games Development with Ocugine Services

Other Tools

Users groups and management, Back-Office for your team, Cloud-Building and Testing Laboratory, SDKs for all popular platforms and other useful tools for game development with Ocugine.

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The features your business needs

Of course, you can use dozens third-party services or create your own, but Ocugine provide all that you need in one place with deep documentation for all platforms and Unified SDK. You can integrate other third-party services with Ocugine and use our lightweight SDK for your games.

Visual Backend Builder for your Games with Ocugine

Backend Builder

Build your server-side logic without programming with visual nodes, create cloud-databases, content-delivery systems and multiplayer. Use our Unified SDK for Unity, Unreal Engine or other popular platforms.

Cross-platform multiplayer tools for your games with Ocugine


Organize cross-play for your games. Use cross-platform services for multiplayer, monetization, users management and authentication, socialization and other game features on all available platforms using Unified SDK / API.

Cross-Platform IAP with Ocugine Services for all popular game engines

Monetization Services

Connect all platforms to our monetization gateway and work with all payments in one place with deep analytics and machine learning to increase your IAP-revenue up to 40%. Connect paymentgates by few line with fraud-detection.

In-Game user management and authentication system with Ocugine

Users Management

Manage all your games users with Ocugine Services. Create custom fields, manage user groups, moderate chats and personal messages inside your application and provide cloud-storage for your users with Ocugine Cloud.

Smart marketing, machine learning and analytics for games with Ocugine

Smart Analytics

Deep analytics tools, conversions, events, funnels and smart marketing services for your games. Analyze your user activity with machine learning to increase IAP-revenue with automatic personalized promos and discounts.

Unified API and SDK for all game services with Ocugine

Unified Tools

All Ocugine services and tools has Unified API and SDKs for all popular game engines and programming languages. Connect third-party SDKs to our lightweight single SDK and reduce your application size. Use all features by few lines of coding.

Integrate Ocugine with your Games

Our services and tools has Unified SDK and direct API for your games. Use our tools on any platform (Unity, Unreal, C++, C#, JavaScript, Lua, Phaser, Python and etc.). Learn how to integrate Ocugine services by few code lines.

JS SDK C# SDK Unity SDK C++ SDK Direct API
// Initialize Ocugine SDK
let SDK = new OcugineSDK({ // Application Settings
    app_id: PROJECT_ID,
    app_key: PROJECT_KEY
}, { // SDK Settings
    language: "EN"

              using Ocugine_SDK;
  using Ocugine_SDK.Models;

  // Initialize Ocugine SDK
  var SDK = new Ocugine(new AppSettings {
      app_id = PROJECT_ID,
      app_key = PROJECT_KEY
  }, new SDKSettings {
      language = "EN",
      modules = MODULES_ARRAY,
      auth_timeout = OAUTH_TIMEOUT

              // Before using this code, please initialize Ocugine SDK in Unity by clicking "Initialize Ocugine SDK"
              // in the top menu of Unity Editor. Ocugine SDK Object will be added on Active Scene. After this you
              // need to setup SDK object in inspector
              OcugineSDK SDKInstance = null; // SDK Instance
              SDKInstance = GameObject.Find("OcugineSDK").GetComponent<OcugineSDK>(); // Get Ocugine SDK Component
#include <OcugineSDK>

// Initialize Ocugine SDK
OcugineSDK instance = OcugineSDK(APP_ID, APP_KEY); // Create Ocugine Instance
instance.init(); // Initialize Ocugine SDK
curl -X POST -F "app_id=APP_ID" -F "app_key=API_KEY"
Get started with Ocugine

Powerful Game Management with Ocugine Dashboard

Use Ocugine Dashboard and build your own ecosystem to control all your game features in one place.

Scalable Ecosystem

You can use our platform to build scalable backend ecosystem for your games. Use dozens of useful services, create your own backend logic or integrate third-party services using single and lightweight SDK for all platforms.

Powerful Tools

Analytics, User Management, Chats Moderation, Multiplayer and Backend Builders, Cloud Management and Building, Localization and Other powerful tools managed in one place with Ocugine Dashboard.

Ocugine Services for mobile games developers

Mobile Games

Use Ocugine Services for Mobile Games. Connect cross-platform analytics, monetization, game services, cloud storage and join all third-party services into unified Ocugine SDK.

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Ocugine Services for MMO games developers


Build powerful multiplayer with Ocugine Services. Use our cloud-databases, CDN, backend builder, matchmaking, load-ballancer and other services with cross-platform support and unified SDK.

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Ocugine Services for AAA games developers

Cross-Platform Games

Create cross-platform games with cross-play features support, cloud-storage, localization services and optimize your games with cloud-based performance servers. Use Ocugine Services for AAA-games.

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Ocugine Services for game engine developers

Game Engines

Improve Game Engine performance and start using dozens of ready-to-use backend tools with Ocugine Services. It's time to create a new-generation tools for game developers with our services.

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