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Ocugine Services for Game Developers
Full-featured game development platform

Modern set of tools to
speed-up game development and publishing process

Welcome to the Ocugine - cross-platform backend ecosystem for game developers. Our solution can provide all what you need for game development and publishing: backend and multiplayer services, oursourcing marketplace, analytics, marketing, user management, cloud-storage, databases, cloud-computing for game optimization, payment gate and other services for your games in one place.

Projects Dashboard

Manage all your projects and services in a single Ocugine panel. Work as a team or alone, connect third-party services and manage all the tools in the cloud.


No matter for which platform you are developing your product. We support all modern platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, XBox, Playstation and etc.

Full-featured ecosystem

Game services, outsourcing, cloud services, multiplayer, user and chat management, search for publishers and investors, obtaining exclusive contracts with platforms and much more

Increase IAP-revenue

Increase domestic payments with dozens of opportunities, from smart machine-based marketing to in-game chat and customer support. Holding users directly will affect your financial performance.

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Some useful facts about
Ocugine services

Ocugine company not only provides services to simplify development, but also helps you bring your project to the final release, find outsourcers or publisher / investor services

Unified SDK
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What can we do for your success?

Our unique offers

In addition to providing a platform for organizing backend services, we also offer you a number of additional opportunities for the rapid growth of your business.

Development support

For clients of our services
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Ocugine - Platform, Services and Development support for game developers

Development Support

We are confident in the ease of working with our platform. That is why we provide a full cycle of assistance in the development of all the functionality associated with our platform. When connecting to our services at an early stage of development and paying for 2 months of service in advance, we provide the following range of services absolutely free:

  • Server-Side Backend Development
  • Multiplayer Development and Testing
  • Integration of all features of the Ocugine
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Publishing Support

For Indie developers
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Games publishing and featuring

Clients of our services can receive exclusive contracts from partner publishers, access to new markets, purchase of traffic on preferential terms and free features in the marketplace: Google Play, Mi Store, AppGallery, XBox Live Store and etc.

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Ocugine - Platform, Services and Development support for game developers

Outsource Platform

For clients of our services
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All professional outsourcers in one dashboard

Choose the best artists to prepare content for your games. On our platform you can find content development services of the following types: sound design, localization, digital art, 3d modeling, programming, ui/ux design and etc.

Being clients of our platform you get access to all services at a discount.

Services for Developers

Unified SDK for every feature
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Ocugine - Platform, Services and Development support for game developers

The best services for game developers

Our platform combines services for game developers, cloud storage, backend designers, marketing and analytical platform with the possibility of automation based on machine learning. Our platform includes:

  • Multiplayer Services & Backend Constructor
  • Professional Analytics, Marketing and UA Tools
  • Dozens ready-to-use modules for backend development
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Product Presentation
Ocugine Services for Developers

Services for Game Developers

Meet with Ocugine - full-featured ecosystem for game developers. Create your own backend services, use cloud storage, analyze and manage your game datas and use dozens ready-to-use modules for your games. Fully cross-platform services with Unified SDK and Direct API.

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Ready to speed-up your game development process?

Get started with Ocugine

Learn how to get started with the Ocugine Platform for Game Developers and increase your project team effectivity up to 60%.

  • Join to the Ocugine

    Request a live-demo and create your project

    We suggest that you test the product and create your first project using the Ocugine services. If you do not have time to try the product - our specialists will independently implement it in your project and train your employees.

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  • Develop your game with us

    Integrate our SDK by few code lines

    You can independently connect and start using our SDK in just a few lines of code for any available platform. We are confident in our product and are ready to embed all the functions of our services into your applications for free. For example, write a multiplayer based on Ocugine services.

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  • Release and Publish your game

    Testing, publishing and monetization

    At the end of the project, you can test and build it using our cloud solutions, as well as select a publisher or special conditions for placement on various platforms through our control panel.

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Use the experience of dozens developers
in your projects by few code lines

Our platform includes dozens of useful modules that are somehow used in 90% of projects. You should not create complex technical solutions if you already have modules developed and tested by professionals.


Save your budget

Optimize your game development process with Ocugine Services. Develop faster. Make games greater.
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Reduce development time

Speed-up game publishing

Optimize your marketing


The main areas where our services can reduce your time to develop games
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Mutiplayer and Backend Development
Marketing and Analytics Tools
Third-Party SDK Integration
Cloud-Computing Development
Localization and Content Delivery

Increase IAP-revenue

Use an Ocugine Services to increase IAP-revenue and users retention in your games
03. -

Automatic Marketing

Game Services

Social Services


Technological Partners & Subpartners

All third-party services under control

We work with dozens techologies developed by leaders in the game development industry. Join us and change your approach to game development.

  • Google - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Microsoft - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Unity Technologies - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Unreal Engine - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • ASODesk - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Xiaomi - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Pay Pro Global - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • XSolla - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Phaser - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • CloudFlare - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • CodeBits - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • GoDot Engine - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Nintendo - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Huawei - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Party Games Production - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Nurture - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Facebook - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Electron JS - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Apache - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Crytek - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • YoYoGames - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • Amazon - Ocugine Partners and Clients
  • nVidia - Ocugine Partners and Clients

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